Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The "Prequel" The Black Coalpicker & Tinny Boy

INTRODUCTION-The Black Coalpicker & Tinny Boy...Excerpts - author F. Anthony Capparella

Water runs and Italian blood thickens...This is an epoch story about absolute tenacity and determination not only to survive the Great Depression, but the more immediate cruel and brutal northern winters...THE TIMES OF WRATH...Poverty and hardships forced the downtrodden poor: black and white to pick coal from the nearby railroad tracks to warm themselves, their families and their humble shelters. They "took" whatever measures necessary to retrieve coal nuggets from the avaricious railroad Robber Barons. They were the indigent coalpickers.
During this very sad period in America, this puissant story brings together two very different cultures. It is a poignant tale of a black woman: MISS BEULAH JOHNSON, born into slavery and the son of poor Italian immigrants: MASTER FRANCIS ANTHONY SOLIMINE, AKA: “Tinny Boy,” a child prodigy, who masters the violin and chess at age five, and at age five must pick coal to help his poor Italian mamma where he meets Miss Beulah. It will warm your heart and soul...a love story that evolves as you turn the pages in history, burning the embers of time into your spirit, your psyche, your soul... forever...
A beautiful story of ethnicity, inspiration, love, family and black friendship unfolds as the gifted, though; frail son of a poor Italian immigrant family is curious why he doesn't have a maternal grandfather. Tinny Boy often badgers his mother as he seeks answers to the mysterious death of his grandfather. Finally, he got his mother to set him down and provide some rather nebulous answers, whilst Miss Beulah nurtures the curious lad.
It turns out that the boy's grandfather had a corrupt business partner that was involved with the La Mano Nera, (The Black Hand) the infamous underworld Italian secret society. Greed -- La Mano Nera wanted to take control of his grandfather's legitimate business enterprises back in 1912. The naive teen's family -- especially his maternal grandmother -- believed that his grandfather was poisoned by a group of conspirators in The Bronx, New York. Therefore, the brilliant lad turns cunning and methodical as he foreordained a chilling -- provocative master plan for vendettas.
The large family was destitute, they had no money to hire a private investigator. The grandfather's partner swindled the books and left the family penniless and most of the siblings were put into a Catholic orphanage. Ultimately, the younger siblings were put up for adoption. This very sad and unfortunate occurrence left an indelible mark on the teen's mother, Anna Solimine and the tenacious boy.
Miss Beulah, befriends the poor boy. As the story progresses; she enables the young growing boy with rare golden eyes to form a strong character and a positive mental attitude through her love, guidance, and bible reading sessions; whereas, she saves the spirited boy's life on three occasions.
The effulgent boy is angered by the poverty, disgrace, sadness, and the shame brought to the family; especially Tinny Boy's mother, and his beloved nonna. He becomes a wrathful man obsessed, turns killer...leads a double life, and marries into: La Familia, and begins a sophisticated, methodical drive to seek revenge swearing on his grandfather's grave, a personal vendetta to avenge the four murderers.
copyright MMIV--all rights reserved ...F. Anthony Capparella, Author