Monday, May 31, 2010

Tinny the Man Avenges Stolen Blood

Author Debuts with Classic Story of Betrayal, Deceit, Big Dreams, Love and Vendettas

Stolen Blood: Tinny the Man Avenges by F. Anthony Capparella is an epic thriller that takes readers on a torrid journey into the world of the 1950's Italian Mob.

Sarasota, FL - Stolen Blood: Tinny the Man Avenges by F. Anthony Capparella is an epic story of betrayal, deceit, big dreams, love and vendettas. The titillating sequel to Capparella's debut novel, The Black Coalpicker & Tinny Boy, this latest novel finds Francis Anthony Solimine, "Tinny," looking to avenge the poisoning death of his nonno, grandfather who lived in the Bronx, NY -- his "Stolen Blood."

Encouraged by his devout Italian mother to be a Roman Catholic priest, Tinny, a former musical prodigy, instead infiltrates the international mob and marries the New York Don's beautiful daughter. Tinny, leading a double life, becomes obsessed when he learns that his in-laws have poisoned his beloved grandfather in order to steal his thriving real estate empire.

Capparella's stylistic novel seeks to take readers on a gripping international journey into antediluvian Sicily, as Tinny masterminds a series of daring vendettas (all the while leading a mind-blowing double life) and systematically seeks out those responsible for his grandfather's death, who are all members of secret Italian underworld societies.

About the Author
F. Anthony Capparella is an inventor, sculptor, freelance writer and poet. He is an advocate for women's rights and the civil rights of minorities. In addition to Tinny the Man Avenges: Stolen Blood, Capparella is the author of The Black Coalpicker & Tinny Boy.

The titillating novel is available @
$23.99 paperback 546 pages

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The Epic Thriller Stolen Blood-Author F. Anthony Capparella
is available @
$23.99 546 Pages