Monday, September 15, 2008

Tinny the Man Avenges: STOLEN BLOOD

Yo fellow blogger, keep your keen sights set for my new, awesome novel. It's an EPIC THRILLER, so if you enjoyed the Sopranos, you'll love the adult novel: STOLEN BLOOD. It takes the aspiring readers on an international journey from Norristown, Pennsylvania--Bronx, New York to the beautiful, enchanting island in the sun; Sicily as the tenacious child prodigy matures, asks questions from his beloved Italian Mamma why he does not have a grandfather like his neighborhood pals. She finally tells the curious teen the intriguing story that dates back to 1912. He' s appalled to find out that the "La Mano Nera" (the black hand) a very secretive underworld society located in the Bronx, New York, poisoned his wealthy "Nonno" (grandfather) to take control of his vast Real Estate holdings; leaving the Italian family destitute. Therefore, he visits his Nonno's grave at Saint Raymond's Cemetery, and swears a vendetta to avenge the murderous thugs. Implementing all his genius skills, he smartly marries the NY Don's beautiful daughter, clandestinely leads a double life, uses creative, improvised means to take out all the conspirators.

I'll bring the cannoli's!

F. Anthony Capparella

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